Lemony Snicket Prize Winner Announced

Lemony Snicket Prize Winner Announced

Lemony Snicket Prize for Noble Librarians Faced With Adversity announces winner: Laurence Copel. 

Do you have any noble librarians in life? (If not, I’m sorry, truly. Please head on down to your nearest library and introduce yourself to the staff and, most importantly, the books.) 


Yes! No More Book Shaming

Yes! No More Book Shaming

Lauren Davis’ response to Ruth Graham’s essay attempting to shame adults who read chick-lit. 

Great Point:

In fact, Graham’s insistence that adults read only adult literature seems ripe for its own dystopian YA adaptation: In the literati future, people must only read very serious books after they turn 18, but an underground of post-young adults forms a secret reading club. Because dammit, they’ll keep reading about spaceships and teen heroes if they want to. And they won’t be ashamed.”