Go Read My Story

Hey y’all, my short story “The Chicken & The Train” is featured on the online journal: goreadyourlunch.

Check it out below:


You can even download it onto your Kindle if you want.


-Sincerely Cetoria




Most Neglected Blog, Like Ever.


Turns out I’m not so great at blogging. Meaning, I’m terrible. This was a joke. Sorry.

So, let’s try again, shall we? Wonderful. I’m thrilled.

But, let’s take this slow.

Here’s a list of links to some of my recently(ish) published work:

FAIR WARNING: It’s poetry. (Now, that sounds like a book waiting to be written.)

Southern Women’s Review, “Darin'” Page 15


The Battered Suitcase, “Trying Too Hard” & “Assimilation” Pages 42-3:

Two of my poems, “I Was Crazy About The Great Gatsby” and “Mrs. Stephen King” will appear in the fourth addition of Sterling Mag. It can be pre-ordered at:


My piece, “Yellow Songs” appeared in this year’s edition of Fair Tale Review (The Yellow Issue). It a copy or digital download can be ordered at:


I also will be featured on goreadyourlunch.blogspot.com in late July (don’t worry, I’ll re-post so you don’t have to remember).

I also have forthcoming work in Broad Magazine and Adanna which I will post links to when available (you’re welcome).

-Sincerely Cetoria